I believe that the District 15 Representative should engage with their district and be responsive and available for them. I have been frustrated by both the lack of representation in voting and the homogony of voting (this site tracks voting records including absenteeism, party line voting, and ‘Nay’ votes. Looking at historical absenteeism is a great way to see if your representative is truly engaged! Click here for voting statistics.

In the past I have tried to correspond with my representatives about issues that are important to me (see HB190, which changed the State Tax Code for one company in Kaysville) and received no response (or a canned response if you’re lucky).  You may have had a similar experience. So I ask you to put this issue to the test. Email me with any questions you’d like about my platform and campaign and do the same to my opponent. I am confident in my responsiveness to my constituents. I further call on all representatives to engage with their constituents and truly represent them over their own special interests. Contact us: electrichmiller@gmail.com and  bwilson@le.utah.gov or electbradwilson@gmail.com



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Other Issues I Consider Important