LGTBQ+ and Religious Freedom

I support any legislation or policy that works toward providing equal rights and government services to all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc. I am particularly concerned about suicide in the LGTBQ+ community and believe we can do more to help those of our community who feel stigmatized by current policies. I came across a great interview on NPR where Sen. Stuart Adams talks about working with different religious and LGTBQ+ advocates to pass legislation that protects both groups. I was particularly touched by how Sen. Adams described that living his religion was an essential part of passing the legislation. Link here.


I am supportive of the legalization of cannabis. I believe there are clear benefits to medicinal marijuana that are well documented and should be made available to Utahans. However, I’d like to see a cautious and methodical approach to opening it up to mass consumption. In terms of broad legalization, I’d like to study states like Colorado and Oregon to determine the economic and social impact of legalization. The distribution and taxation of marijuana has the potential to boost tax revenues.  I anticipate that both violent and non-violent crimes will decrease as a result of legalization, which further reduces the strain on state funded resources. One concern that I have is that cannabis is a gateway drug that has been the starting point for many hard drug users. I would certainly consider the impact of expanded drug use in society when supporting carefully crafted and responsible legislation. I applaud Rep. Brian King for being proactive to sponsor legislation for medical marijuana regardless of how Prop 2 does at the polls! https://www.good4utah.com/news/local-news/state-lawmaker-files-bill-to-address-medical-marijuana-proposition/1434802066

Campaign Contribution Limits

I fully support campaign contribution limits and other efforts to bring transparency and ethics to a place of prominence in politics. If elected, I will provide absolute clarity in both my funding sources and my voting record. I won’t accept money from those who support causes and issues that are not in the best interest of my district. I really will fight for ethics and clarity. I am not pursuing this office as a stepping stone to greater political office. I am seeking it to bring integrity to District 15.

Term Limits

I don’t think public office should be a career. I definitely don’t think that elected officials need all of the health insurance and compensation perks that they currently get. If elected, I would push for 18 years total service in elected office.

Doing Good

I believe in doing good, treating people fairly and using our state government to protect our resources and promote kindness, tolerance and love.