Integrity In Office

I don’t believe that public office should be used as a place for cutting business deals or furthering the interests of parties with the sole purpose to get gain or power. The recent indictments of Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow represent the tip of the corruption that has been allowed to spread because there are not adequate checks and balances in Utah politics.  I believe that one-party dominance has caused poor legislation to be proposed and passed. As a result of the scandal in the Attorney General’s office, an ethics bill (HB 297) was proposed that limited campaign contributions (see news articles here and here). Utah is one of only 4 states that doesn’t limit campaign contributions. The ethics bill and it was defeated 33-38, one of the closest votes in recent history.

I fully support campaign contribution limits and other efforts to bring transparency and ethics to a place of prominence in politics. If elected, I will provide absolute clarity in both my funding sources and my voting record. I won’t accept money from those who support causes and issues that are not in the best interest of my district. I really will fight for ethics and clarity. I am not pursuing this office as a stepping stone to greater political office. I am seeking it to bring integrity to District 15.