I am proud that my political values are consistent with my religious values. I believe there is no issue that is more inconsistent in its disparity between political ideology and religious creed than that of providing health care for those who cannot provide it for themselves. Medicare and Medicaid provide assistance and sometimes lifesaving services to those who can’t (for many different reasons) provide for themselves. Primary Education is a commonly accepted social program that is generally supported across the board. I envision a time when providing health services for our elderly and those who are in need is no longer a politically divisive issue but that we have acknowledged our role as a society to “lift up the hands that hang down, and the feeble knees; and make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way.” (Hebrews 12:12-13)

In 2018, the Utah legislature passed HB472, which provides Medicaid expansion to potentially 70,000 Utahans . I was encouraged that the majority of Utah lawmakers were supportive of the bill even though it was far from unanimous. I was super disappointed that our own representative not only voted no, but doubled down by declaring, “It is not the role of government to provide health care. As a conservatives state, we must continue to develop alternatives that are market based and driven by principles of personal accountability.” (https://www.votebradwilson.com/my-platforms/)

Our representative receives health care benefits as part of his compensation package, yet callously and categorically condemns offering health-related assistance to those in need. Please join me in calling for our representatives to end the hypocrisy and either support health care for all or publicly give up their own state-funded benefits in search of “market based” alternatives!

One final thought on why it is important to me that health care becomes accepted as part of our societal duty. I am close acquaintances with a woman almost died because she was unwilling to seek treatment for a heart condition. Her husband, the sole provider and small business owner, had just passed away and she didn’t have health insurance. Her POLITICAL belief that government sponsored healthcare was a sham to support leechers and enablers kept her from accepting life-saving surgery until it was almost too late. Think of that, someone would rather die than accept government-sponsored healthcare. They had paid into Social Security and Medicare for years but in her moment of need she felt it was against her POLITICAL views to accept help that was available to her.  This prideful deadly ideology has to stop! I absolutely recognize that healthcare is expensive and believe that we should honestly contribute to our own expenses when able. But the entire system is broken. Just look at the stock prices for AIG and other health insurers to discover where the problem starts. Healthcare is a big business and insurers are making a killing at our expense.

It shouldn’t matter whether you feel Obamacare is terrible legislation or a great step forward. The important thing to me is that we live in the most affluent nation in the world and providing healthcare assistance to those in need is something that we can realistically do. I invite you to consider this basic premise: Is it really so bad that your taxes go to support health care initiatives? When you peel back the rhetoric and angry words that are said and look at the principle, it is hard for me to argue against providing help for the poor and needy.



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