We live in the greatest state in the Union. We have incredible diversity in our natural resources. I love the outdoors. I spent my honeymoon on a tour of the red rock of eastern and southern Utah. I camp and fish and hunt as often as I am able. I love the snow covered peaks of the Wasatch, Uintah and Manti-Lassalle mountains. I have spent days alone in the remote reaches of the Book Cliffs where gas wells and oil shale have not yet destroyed the land. I have watched as the best farmland in District 15 is paved over for sub divisions and retail stores. I have seen more “No Trespassing” signs than I care to count.

I understand that we are dependent upon natural resources and that our growing population needs a place to live and shop. However, I believe we should responsibly manage our grown and resources to help mitigate the effects we have on the environment, preserve the beauty of our state, and fight the privatization of so much that is currently enjoyed by all regardless of economic circumstances. Let’s work together on ways to improve air quality and reduce waste.

If elected, I will propose and support efforts to better control energy management. I will support the re-development of run down areas rather than the development of farms and wetlands. I will also work to improve recycling and public transportation programs.


Health Care

Gun Control


Other Issues I Consider Important