My parents were both school teachers in Utah. I know what it is like to be raised on a school teacher salary. I know of the frustrations that come with underfunded programs and large class sizes. That said, Utah has a higher per capita primary education demographic than any state, with 31.2% of its residents under the age of 18. Of course our per capita spending will be behind other states! With this understanding

As a technology professional, I believe that I can promote¬†quality legislation that will help Utah maximize its education resources. I will not purchase technology for the sake of technology (like buying iPads for every student in Utah…) but I will find ways to leverage technology that can reduce the cost of education and provide viable instruction enhancements. I

I spoke to a school teacher in my district recently who expressed concern about the poor facility infrastructure in his building. His computer lab flooded and the water started a fire. Instead of proposing $200 Million to buy iPads for everyone, I would propose upgrades to facilities.

I am a proponent of the educational philosophy put forth by Clayton Christensen (Disrupting Class) and would work to increase educational efficiency by promoting the principles of educational diversity that Dr. Christensen outlines.